• Import Exports

    Import exports being the core business model of the company, we help exporters develop markets overseas and deal with the law and regulations of the importing country.


    The sales strategies developed by our experts have already helped our clients in successfully launching their products across the international markets. Our market experts also develop proper feedback mechanisms to help you with the ongoing product improvement strategies, and for achieving customer satisfaction.


    In addition to providing you with the marketing support for selling New Zealand products in India and Middle East, we offer complete support for developing and enhancing the distribution networks and logistics management. Our network of importers and traders in those regions will play a prominent role in delivering your products to the end customers.


    After signing up the contract with our clients, our expert analysts gather all the related data to conduct customized market research, which includes competitor analysis, population demographics, analysis of customers, market demand, pricing, etc. The research report will be systematically segmented to make it easy for you to understand. Simultaneously, we offer research and consultancy services to our network of importers and suppliers in India and Middle East regions.


    Although the trade norms in India and the Middle East are very conducive for international exporters, the process of procuring the licensing and certifications can be quite tedious. We have the resources and capability of completely relieving you of those hassles, so that you can focus on the core areas of improving your products. In addition to procuring the food and safety standards certifications for your business, we also provide ongoing assistance with customs and duty related procedures, and other government related paperwork.

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About NZTL

New Zealand Trade Links Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned company. With our focus on connecting New Zealand with international markets of India and the Middle East. NZTL is your bridge to access the purest and cleanest natural resources in the world. We bring you the highly nutritious, naturally pure and efficient products of New Zealand to the markets in India and the Middle East.

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