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New Zealand natural building systems are made from treated NZ pine wood. It's ability to withstand intense and prolonged conditions like cyclones and severe seismic activities makes it universally acceptable. New Zealand prefab building materials are used in building private homes to ski lodges and motels in snow capped mountains and is also used in building water villas in the tropical islands. The structural integrity of New Zealand prefabs with it's cutting edge designs and unique fixing system make it the most efficient natural building system.

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  •   +64 3 214 4779
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About NZTL

New Zealand Trade Links Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned company. With our focus on connecting New Zealand with international markets of India and the Middle East. NZTL is your bridge to access the purest and cleanest natural resources in the world. We bring you the highly nutritious, naturally pure and efficient products of New Zealand to the markets in India and the Middle East.

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