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New Zealand Timber

The sustainable management of New Zealand’s indigenous forests will provide benefits to society and conserve biodiversity for generations to come.

Under the Forests Act, indigenous timber can only be produced from forests which are managed in a way that maintains continuous forest cover and ecological balance.


  • NZTL has been appointed to market local government owned Pine plantation resources to India and the Middle East.
  • NZTL concentrates only on Pinus Radiata (pine), which flourishes in the Southern climate in New Zealand.
  • The white timber of Radiata pine has a multitude of uses and is highly sought after on the global market.
  • We source Pine directly from the 8000 Hectares of pine plantation in South Island owned by the Government of New Zealand.
  • The pine is then sawn and treated with local Saw Mills as per the clients requirements or exported as Logs to various parts of the world.
  • Radiata Pine is available in A/K/KI/KIS Grades.
  • -Head Office-
  •   #3, Level 1, Lower Watt St, Wellington 6012,
  • -Support Office-
  •  PO Box 1221, Suite 3, 36, Kelvin St, Invercargill 9018
  •   +64 3 214 4777 / +61 3 214 4779
  •   +64 3 214 4779
  • [email protected]

About NZTL

New Zealand Trade Links Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned company. With our focus on connecting New Zealand with international markets of India and the Middle East. NZTL is your bridge to access the purest and cleanest natural resources in the world. We bring you the highly nutritious, naturally pure and efficient products of New Zealand to the markets in India and the Middle East.

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