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Bottled water in New Zealand has an international reputation for being pure and clean. That reputation is not only well-deserved, it is fiercely protected. New Zealand enjoys a number of unique advantages that result in some of the purest waters in the world.Natural spring water is bottled at source, and comes to you in a variety of convenient formats. Under the brand name 'Kiwi so Fresh'

Our water resources currently holds renewable water consents to extract and commercialize 9,840,000,000 Liters (9.84 gigaliters) of water per annum from New Zealand sources. The water composition ranges from very low TDS (Total dissolved solids) pure artesian water to higher based TDS mineral waters, including water carbon dated 20,000 years old.

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About NZTL

New Zealand Trade Links Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned company. With our focus on connecting New Zealand with international markets of India and the Middle East. NZTL is your bridge to access the purest and cleanest natural resources in the world. We bring you the highly nutritious, naturally pure and efficient products of New Zealand to the markets in India and the Middle East.

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